Monday, April 4, 2011

Your Vote Counts

Pro-life ad Jessica Ampuero


Tylor Thatcher and Shelby Campbell

Obesity in Public Schools By Andrea Nelson

Campaign Ad Against Sarah Palin: Adam Carmack, Ashley Woosley, and Alex Lysenko

Stop Deforestation - Erin McAdams & Robert Carroll

Ad from Shane Halvorsen

Art Makes You Smart

Nick Lambson, Ryan Ricks, Camie Knight, Natalie Howell, Erik Soderborg

Obesity Prevention Programs

Created by: Devan Anderson, Caroline Murphy and Drue Williamson

Wildfire Prevention

Obama Ad: Shankar Parajuli

Student Against Paid Parking Issue Ad

Created by Christina Johnson, Laura Bull, Alex Wheatley, Brendan Hubbard, and Jordan Mangum

Cat PAC 2011

The Second Amendment

Our Political Ad:
The Second Amendment

By Jackie Brinkerhoff and Jenna Wright

The Campaign for Freedom

The Campaign for Freedom, by Ryan Bingham. (Sorry about the watermark; Google failed to help me find free video editing software that wouldn't leave one).

Education Improvement -- Matt DeCelle, Josiah Tingey

Health Care Reform…A Bad Deal!

ROMNEY/JIMMER 2012 - Jason Grover

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Star Wars Enthusiasts of America - Star Wars Interest Group - Emma Luthi, Brooks Morgan, Daniel Winters, Amanda Meyers

Senator Kane for President

made by Natalie Rosenlof and Spencer Hodson

Annexing Canada by Amanda Poppe

NRA - Adam Berrio, Leisa Wade


Anti-PDA :)
I'm sure this is all what us single folk wanted to see.
Hugh Pinnock

Mitt Romney For President!! Lucas Li, Remington Bassett, Jake Webber, Austin Holt

Utah Environmental Congress

Utah Environmental Congress
-Denton Scott

Jim Simmons campaign

Ron Paul for President

Video by: Daniel Andelin, Taylor Williams, Jenna Miller

Funding for Education

Christina Hughes

"Owen For President" by Holly Harris

Vote Colbert on Friday! Andrew Holmes