Friday, April 1, 2011

Anti-Romney Ad (see comments)



  1. Bahahah! My favorite so far..

  2. Though intense, it is indeed a parody of the misleading, dubious, and outright absurd claims surrounding religious campaign attacks. As you'll see at the end, the ad was made by the "School of Anti-Tolerance And Non-sequitur", which, as the acronym illustrates, isn't very good. I'm actually pro-Romney, personally, and I think the conceptions of Mormonism these days like you see in the video are absurd and represent an absolute lack of knowledge about my religion. I intentionally made the video hyperbolic both in its claims and in its intensity, as is the case with campaign ads. My apologies if I offended you, I just hope you can see the video for what it really is ;)

  3. Oh my Alex! You are a goof! It is true people think mormons are wierd, so good to let them know we are just normal, good people. I am also pro Romney! It shows how absurd it is to believe the crazy things people say about us huh?!